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381 Ontdekkers Rd, Flordia Park

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011 475 5393

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381 Ontdekkers Rd, Flordia Park

About Us

Our Story

Zeelie Auditors established in 1991 by Pieter Zeelie CA (SA) with the vision of assisting clients with their accounting and taxation affairs. He soon realised that the world of auditing is far more interesting and that his financial knowledge, technical skills and professionalism will be most utilised through providing assurance work.

Since inception we concentrated on adding value to our clients and as a consequence have grown into a dynamic small/medium sized practise which allowed for the appointment of two more partners, Suzel Breytenbach CA (SA) and Trudie Botha CA (SA).

We pride ourselves in that we:

Service a wide range of clients in all types of industries; Improved and expanded on services offered to our clients; Formed a number of strategic alliances which proved to be very successful; We are IRBA & SAICA Registered; and We are registered with SAICA as a training office whereby we offer the opportunity to future CA (SA)’s to learn important technical skills and gain a vast variety knowledge by committing to a SAICA training contract.

Our Partners

Pieter Zeelie CA (SA)

Chief Executive Officer

Suzel Breytenbach CA (SA)


Trudie Botha CA (SA)


Why Us

Human Capital:

The practise currently employs the services of approximately 40 motivated people. Our people understand the needs of our clients and have excellent professional relationships with our clients. The practise furthermore has access to a further 150 highly qualified staff throughout the country in the form of our alliances.

B-BBEE and Procurement:

Zeelie Auditors presently has a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor rating.

Commitment to the Profession:

Zeelie Auditors subscribes to all the ethical values, and quality and professional standards expected from our regulator and professional bodies, and is committed to ensure that we add value to the profession. We have continuous contact with our governing bodies (IRBA, SAICA & ICFP) and have built up positive relationships with these governing bodies.

Our Strengths


Personalised Services

We believe in delivering exceptional service to our clients. We understand the importance of being available, flexible, innovative and responsive to our clients’ needs.


Quality Service

We are bound by the principles of quality throughout our processes, and we accordingly adopt the following:

• All the standards and guidelines as proposed by SAICA and IRBA
• International Standards on Auditing
• Monitoring processes and periodic assessments on every staff member
• Continued Professional Development
• Periodic reviews from IRBA, and we are proud of the fact that to date, every review performed has been successful on the first attempt
• The training partner of the practise is also subjected to periodic reviews by SAICA


We Understand Your Needs

We certainly may have differences of professional judgement with a client, which is an inevitable consequence of the laws and standards we need to comply with. We however pride ourselves in the fact that we understand the needs of our clients, and if proper corporate governance is duly considered by both parties, any differences between us and a client can be resolved.


Client Relationships

We strive to do our utmost to meet our clients’ expectations and are focused on building long-term collaborative relationships with each client.

Our Clients